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The Pro Bono Project is a voluntary and confidential program for parties going through separation and/or divorce who do not have lawyers and who are willing to meet and negotiate using the principles of Collaborative Practice but are unable to afford the Collaborative team for their case.  Usually we operate in Vancouver and Victoria. However, during the current pandemic, we will continue to operate using Zoom for videoconferencing and therefore be available to all communities across BC.

To be eligible to participate in this project, you and your spouse must

  1. Both consent to participate in settlement meetings, and
  2. Have a combined gross annual income of less than $75,000  and
  3. Have less than $100,000 of equity in assets, excluding pension plans.

Preference will be given to the applicants with the most need.

The Collaborative Model uses a team of specially trained professionals who are committed to finding solutions that take into account the priorities of each of the parties and their children. The Pro Bono Collaborative team will include a lawyer for each party, a neutral divorce coach and, if needed, a financial neutral.

The Collaborative team will work together with both parties in a joint effort to reach a satisfactory settlement that may include a parenting plan and/or an agreement on financial matters and support. The process will be time limited. Applicants will be screened for suitability to the Collaborative Model and will be required to meet specific financial criteria.

To apply for the Pro Bono Collaborative Family Law Project fill out the application form below. (Please note that the information provided in this form will be kept confidential within our program until we receive your consent to share it with your spouse.)

Your Information:

Do you need to resolve the division of assets/debts

Parenting plan for children

Child and/or spousal support matters

It is mandatory that both spouses agree to particpate in the pro bono program. Have you spoken to your spouse and are you both willing to participate in settlement meetings to resolve these matters?

Can we contact both you and your spouse together when we respond to your application, or would you like to speak with us first about the program before reaching out to your spouse?

Do you and your spouse have a combined gross annual income of less than $75,000?

Do you and your spouse have less than $100,000 in assets, excluding pension plans?

Do you have minor children?

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