The IACP Forum - Friday Night - Opening Plenary Speaker Tim "Mac" McCartney - One Person's "Take Away"

Discovery, Choice and Change - Part 2

So having, at this point, reflected on what we each value, what are our gifts and what is our responsibility in relation to what we value and what gifts we hold, Mac encouraged each member of the audience to consider Gandhi's words, "be the change you wish to be", as well as 'choice'.

The writer's 'take away' is that it is up to me; it is up to each of us. We all have choices to make. We make these choices each and every moment, each day, each week, month and year.

What will be that choice at this moment; this day, this week and year? These choices may begin on a small scale and there is nothing wrong with that. We must continue to remember that choices are also options and consider that options... carefully.

Each choice and option is the opportunity for bigger, grander, better and more positive outcomes. In other words, ... change. With each choice, can/should come a consideration of values, gifts and responsibility. All of which can/should take us to opportunity and consideration of what we want to achieve with that opportunity.

We all know this, but as Mac said, we are on this planet for a short time; what do we want to do with it while we are here?

I would suggest that three words may be used to summarize. Discovery, Choice and Change.

Discovery... of what we value, our gifts and our responsibility.

Choice... of what we do with what we discover.

Change... of what we can do with what we discover and choose to do.

November 26, 2014