A Day with Dr. Gabor Mate, September 16th, 2015 - Don't miss it!

Join us on September 16th, 2015 for an interactive workshop with Dr. Mate on "Promoting Resilience in Stressed Families: understanding adult stress, childhood development and how this impacts the collaborative work that we do". Dr. Mate is a physician, adjunct professor and internationally acclaimed and award winning author. At the upcoming workshop he will share his cutting-edge research on the psychology and physiology of stress and its impact on the body and mind and how this can impact child development. We will explore the major stressors that couples face in divorce (loss of control, uncertainty and conflict) and learn how we, as collaborative practitioners, can better understand and help our clients to restore peace and harmony in a turbulent time. Dr. Mate regularly addresses professional and lay audiences throughout North America and his workshops are fabulous. The BC Collaborative Roster Society is thrilled to have a day with Dr. Mate.