The BC Collaborative Roster Society was launched in 2012. In July, 2005 the Family Law Working Group of the B.C. Justice Review Task Force recommended that a roster be established for collaborative practitioners in order to provide the public with a roster of qualified practitioners in the Collaborative Practice model, and to support excellence in Collaborative Practice. Members of the professional collaborative community have donated their time and, with the generous support of our sponsors, have worked together to create the BC Collaborative Roster Society to continue to build excellence in Collaborative Practice.

Collaborative Practice has been included in the definition of "family dispute resolution" in the Family Law Act (given Royal Assent November 24, 2011). The Family Law Act encourages spouses to enter into a family dispute resolution process in order to resolve their disputes in a manner that protects the best interests of their children and allows parties to build an agreement taking into account the needs and interests of their family. The BC Collaborative Roster Society supports family dispute resolution through its support of qualified, committed, collaborative practitioners and through providing information and education to the public about Collaborative Practice.

Vision: Transform how conflict is resolved in British Columbia through Collaborative Practice.

Mission: To maintain and support a roster of qualified British Columbia Professionals dedicated to excellence and respect in the healthy resolution of disputes in our communities.