The members of the BC Collaborative Roster Society have each met the requirements for membership, which include both training and experience in Collaborative Practice, and have also committed to annual continuing education and continuing work in the field of Collaborative Practice.

Charter members have met the requirements for membership of the BC Collaborative Roster Society, and have supported excellence in Collaborative Practice through the Collaborative Roster Society since the launch of the roster in 2012. The Collaborative Roster Society would like to thank all the charter members for their support. The support of these members has played an integral part in building a strong foundation for the Collaborative Roster Society.


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Justine Mercer The Collaborative Centre
Mary E. Mouat Q.C.Quadra Legal Centre
Mena Perrotta, Mental Health ProfessionalVancouver Psychology Centre
Abby Petterson, Mental Health ProfessionalAJ Petterson & Associates Inc.
Karen Redmond, Charter member, lawyerKaren F. Redmond Family Law
Shelina SayaniSager Legal Adviors
Sharla Schofield, Mental Health Professional
Deirdre Severide, Charter Member, LawyerSea Change Collaborative Divorce
Ellen Shapiro, Mental Health Professional
Mark Smith, Mental Health ProfessionalMark Smith Counselling and Therapy